Probka at Tsvetnoy
Reason for a visit
One of my favorite Italian restaurants in Moscow. Ideal service and commendable food that often outshines its Italian counterparts. The project's owner is Aram Mnatsakanov, the uber-active native of St. Petersburg who is more like an Italian himself. Aram divides his time between the two cities, riding around them either on a Vespa scooter or a Porsche convertible, whistling some opera aria or a folk Georgian song.
What to order
I've got several favorite dishes here:

  • Pasta a la Roma (keep in mind that it takes a full 25 minutes to cook)
  • Vitello Tonato
  • Scallops
  • Pizza with truffles / pepperoni / mortadella

What else?
If you are celebrating an important event or simply want some privacy, reserve a table between the windows and the wine cellar. This is the favorite spot of the owner and his dear friends.

If you don't know much about wine, ask for sommelier Alexander Andreev: he is on top of all the trends and will recommend you both some good biodynamic wines and some excellent classics.

If you come alone, sit at the bar counter: the bartenders are all excellent conversation partners, and you might be lucky and meet the restaurant's manager Roman Madatov. Just ask him about the things he loves in Italy or France, and you'll learn plenty about small towns and wineries.

Reserving a table
You can call +74994556969 or use Afisha Restaurants website
You can also follow the restaurant on Facebook и Instagram